Wednesday, August 18, 2010


  • Questionnaires:
  • a popular means of collecting data, but are difficult to design and often require many rewrites before an acceptable questionnaire is produced.
  • Interviews:
  • a technique that is primarily used to gain an understanding of the underlying reasons and motivations for people’s attitudes, preferences or behaviour.
  • Observation:
  • involves recording the behavioural patterns of people, objects and events in a systematic manner.
  • Portfolios:
  • recording information about how each problem arose, methods used to solve it, and difficulties encountered. it records everything in sufficient detail to analyse. It is very time-consuming.
  • facts findings:
  • things which are truthfully told and no one can stand in your way and argue. The facts of the place,people or their lifestyle,which is mostly true if taken first hand.

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