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date:Tuesday 22 June 2010
time: 8:45am

We took a trip 2 one of Malaysia s best nature sites called "FRIM", which stands for FOREST RESEARCH INSTITUTE MALAYSIA.Here is a map of how you can get to the place:

It was an eventful day,including the journey which took about approximately an hour and a half to two hours.Some of the facts i learnt about the place was that they had one of the biggest amazon fish which is A "DRAGON FISH",it eats small monkeys and sometimes they feed it "KFC" which is one of life s finest tasty treats.

Here is a picture of the fish:
(sorry its not clear)

Second was a "DREANDROCALAMUS GIGANTEUS" which has flowers but only produce them after 50 to 100 years.The "KULIM KHADAH"-garlic which was eaten by old people and can also be used 2 replace onion. It helped in the process of blood circulation.The "ELEPHANT TREE" which really looks like an elephant with the trunk and all.

here is a picture:

There was a lot to learn from nature and finally we made it to the "CANOPY WALKWAY" which was at the top of the mountain and it took us an hour to get up there.So to make the post interesting i will just put up the pictures so you can feast your eyes on nature's magnificence and see how i spent my day which to me was "ZE BEST EVA"


..::arrived at the place and this was how far the bus could take us...."WAIT FOR MORE"::..
..::entrance to the jungle side::..
;;::they call that one the "GHOST PALM",and it was used for family planning::..
..::now i officially welcome you to the forest,thats the beauty of its trees...they formed a map-like image and for your information that is one of the reasons why its always dark in the forest::..
..::taking pictures of the "rubber tree",which we mostly use to rub pencils n other things::..

..::i find the leave fascinating,it has its unique touches::..

..::finally made it to the top,and getting ready to do the "walk on air"...::..

..::our instructor on duty::..

..::now this is more like it,students attentive and listening to the man up there in charge "GOD"...hehe,just kidding...the instructor,who was telling us the rules and regulations which we should abide by while in his territory and some of the things he shared which i found most important was the number of people walking on the "canopy walkway" which is "5" and distance which we should keep apart::..

..::well here we go,first step on thin was not that scary walking to the corner which then came a long walk from the corner tree to the 2nd platform. fortunately the young lady you see who i was following was cool and collected and could do stunts while up there, so she made it more easy and a lot fun::..

..::this was the 2nd platform and it only carries a maximum of 4 people,so 1 more we all go down 1000 ft...just kidding,well it is just for cautious purposes::..
..::oohh i forgot to mention Pino,he told me that he was just thinking of home while on that can see him shakin in his pants::..
..::3rd platform base looking at the 4th platform which pretty looks lyk a long way::..
..::approaching the last platform,in other words "finish line"
..::on our way back down the hill,tired as hell but not really::..

..::touch down,finally on common grounds::..

thanks for checking out my pictures and seeing how much i had fun on dis day,sorry i did not have much pictures of myself in action hopefully will get something from those who i went with and share with your all.

All thanks to my lectures madam Forest (LIM YAN PENG) and Mr MUNAWARRUZZAMAN BIN MOKHTAR for a rockin adventure and fun filled day, you are the BESTEST.

For more info on the place:

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